Kuching Cultural Tour
Kuching Cultural Tour 古晋 (Kuching)  砂拉越 (Sarawak) 旅游地资讯   服务 | Proboscis Global Services
Sarawak with a population of about 2 million comprising many races and ethnic groups. The largest ethnic group is the Iban,with about 30% of the total population. Secondly the Malays and Chinese, each with about 24% of the total population. Other ethnic groups: Bidayuh (about 9%), Orang Ulu (about 7%), Melanao(about 6%), Indians (about 0.3%) and others (about 0.3%). Each ethnic group has its own unique lifestyle, culture and language. This makes Sarawak demography very distinct and unique compared to Penisular Malaysia.

砂捞越人口约200万,包括许多种族和民族。 最大的族群是伊班族,约占总人口的30%。 其次是马来人和中国人,每人约占总人口的24%。 其他种族:Bidayuh(约9%),Orang Ulu(约7%),Melanao(约6%),印度人(约0.3%)和其他(约0.3%)。 每个民族都有自己独特的生活方式,文化和语言。 与马来西亚半岛相比,这使得砂拉越人口统计非常独特和独特。


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