Riverside Kawa Mangrove and Fireflies Cruise
Riverside Kawa Mangrove and Fireflies Cruise 亚庇 (Kota Kinabalu) 沙巴 (Sabah) 旅游地资讯   服务 | Proboscis Global Services
Kawa Kawa located at Kota Belud, it's Sabah mangrove new area.If you are a nature lover, this is good choice for you to explore the original mangrove.

Since this area is never get intrusion from outside before, with the boss in order to protect the ecological environment, the policy of limiting the number of daily reception, Kawa Kawa is much more primitive and closer to nature.

Riverside has a formal operating license in 2017, with a large viewing platform and a hotel-style bathroom. The restaurant can accommodate 1,000 people at the same time. It is currently the largest firefly ecological base in Sabah.

Kawa Kawa位于Kota Belud,它是沙巴红树林的新区域。如果您是大自然爱好者,这是您探索原始红树林的不错选择。

由于这个区域以前从未受到外界的侵扰,因为老板为了保护生态环境,限制每日接待次数的政策,Kawa Kawa更加原始,更接近自然。

Riverside酒店于2017年拥有正式的营业执照,设有大型观景平台和酒店式浴室。 餐厅可同时容纳1000人。 它目前是沙巴最大的萤火虫生态基地。


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